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It's super awesome how it smartly and efficiently extracts the essence of episodes!

Aries ChenAries Chen

The AI-powered podcast tool that left me most astonished this year. It's meticulous, accurate, and incredibly impactful.

Hanxiao ZhaoHanxiao Zhao

Addressed the challenge of 'enjoying podcasts, recalling less, and forgetting quickly'.


🎉 Finally, I've found the podcast platform that perfectly meets my expectations!

Enigma WuEnigma Wu

It's incredibly useful for those long podcasts! It saves me loads of time.


It fulfills my need for swift podcast referencing and note consolidation—an indispensable tool for creating a second brain!


Enhanced podcast platforms amplify the speed of acquiring knowledge exponentially.

Boheng ZhangBoheng Zhang
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Extract Structured Knowledge from Podcasts all in one

Subscribe to Everything

Subscribe to the content you love and get lightning-speed access to structured knowledge as soon as new episodes drop.


AI-powered summarization enables you to grasp the essence of any podcast episode within minutes.


Reveal the structure of the podcast in the form of a mindmap, helping you easily capture the key elements of the content.


Any content can be condensed into a 3-minute outline, with key points and a summary of the chosen duration.


Listen to the corresponding content of the outlined key point with one click!

Notable Quotes

Uncover remarkable quotes that bring each show to life.


Accurate transcription of the podcast episodes to ease ability to search for information.


Connect seamlessly with your knowledge management workflow, including Notion, Obsidian, Readwise, and more, enabling efficient knowledge management.


Too many podcasts out there, too little time to listen.

Surveys suggest that podcast enthusiasts barely have 7 hours a week, enough to consume just about 5 to 6 episodes, while a staggering 2 million podcasts globally vie for their attention.

So many podcasts


Learn before listening

Learn from Structured Knowledge and Listen to Chapters that Interest You.

read before listen
read before listen


Integrated with your knowledge management workflow

Streamline your knowledge management workflow by seamlessly integrating Podwise with tools like Notion, Obsidian, Readwise, and Logseq, enhancing your learning efficiency.


Learn anywhere, anytime

With our mobile-first designed website, you can easily subscribe, read, and share your inspirations anytime, anywhere.

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You're a podcast enthusiast like us and eager to glean insights from more podcasts.

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1Limit to episodes that have already been processed in our corpus.

All episodes from the most-followed podcasts will be automatically processed by Podwise.

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