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We are a small team of three individuals who, after resigning from executive positions at a unicorn company, came together to create a podcast called “HardHacker”. Our show primarily focuses on a retrospective of our accumulated experiences from over a decade in our professional careers, which we now share with our audience.

Throughout our journey of consistently producing one episode per week, we have learned from many other podcasts. Simultaneously, we’ve discovered that there is a vast number of high-quality podcasts being created globally on a daily basis. These podcasts are characterized by their high content quality, rich knowledge, and the emotional depth carried by the hosts and guests. By listening to these podcasts, one can not only gain a wealth of knowledge but also feel closer to the hosts and guests, as if attending a live speech. For instance, Elon Musk’s recommended podcast, “All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg,” on Twitter.

😮‍💨 However, it’s unfortunate that our days are consumed by a multitude of tasks, and our fragmented moments outside of work are overwhelmed by an abundance of fragmented information. It’s challenging to find extended, dedicated time in a day to listen to these high-quality podcast episodes.

😧 Most of the time, we opt to listen to our favorite podcast episodes during activities like driving or exercising. However, once we’ve finished listening to these episodes, they quickly fade from our memory, and we can’t retain key points or take notes as we would when reading an e-book.

😔 Occasionally, we also enjoy listening to some English-language podcasts, but we aren’t very proficient in English. We can’t watch subtitles like we do with TV shows and require written transcripts to improve our English skills while listening to podcasts.

😕 Some of us are content creators who frequently need to gather material from podcast episodes to aid in our creative processes. We need textual content beyond just the audio to enhance our data collection efficiency.

🤔 We are podcasters ourselves, and we also need a tool that can assist us in quickly creating podcasts, such as writing show notes and more.

To address these challenges, the three of us, in addition to producing the “HardHacker” podcast, have decided to develop Podwise, an AI-powered podcast summarization tool.

Podwise utilizes AI technology to transcribe podcast audio content into complete written transcripts. It then employs LLM to summarize and extract key and essential points from the transcript, creating mind maps and more. This aids you in efficiently and effectively learning podcast content from various perspectives without having to invest a significant amount of time in listening. You can have a comprehensive understanding of the content and access firsthand written notes at any time.

With Podwise, we can finally enjoy our favorite podcasts in the trendiest way. Additionally, we will no longer miss out on the wealth of global podcast content.

Global Podcasts

Podwise connects you to the vast world of podcasts, allowing you to search for any podcast or episode, whether it’s from your home country or abroad.

Every day, Podwise automatically processes the hottest global podcast shows, accumulating a wealth of high-quality podcast transcripts and notes. You can leverage these resources during your spare moments for on-the-go learning. Of course, you can also opt for one-click processing of your favorite shows.

It’s not just limited to podcasts in Chinese or English; podcasts in other languages can also be accurately handled. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, with the assistance of “Podwise + Translation Tools,” you can easily “listen to” Spanish podcasts.

Multilingual Support

Supporting multilingual podcasts presents its greatest challenge when dealing with programs that feature a blend of multiple languages within the same audio file. For instance, in the case of the Onboard! podcast’s episode titled “EP 38. An All-English Conversation with Grant Lee, Co-founder of Gamma: AI Unleashes Open-ended Visual Expression, Gamma’s Ambition and Challenges,” the introductory segment is in Chinese, while the main content is in English. Using the Whisper open-source model, it becomes quite challenging to accurately transcribe and recognize this type of multilingual fusion.


We all know that most podcast shows feature conversations involving multiple individuals. Podwise has the capability to accurately distinguish between speakers, enabling you to browse with greater clarity and precision, while avoiding many logical comprehension errors.

This is a mobile interface. Yes, Podwise is also perfectly adapted for mobile devices.

Timeline Summaries

With timeline-based summaries, you can efficiently sift through content from podcasts that may run for as long as 1 to 4, even 5 hours, and pinpoint the sections that pique your interest the most. This targeted approach saves you a considerable amount of time, especially when dealing with podcasts like the “Lex Fridman Podcast,” where each episode tends to be quite lengthy.

Mind Maps

For truly informative content, the best way to convey it is through structuring. Structuring imparts logic, and a structured approach establishes a system. Podwise extracts the focal points and relationships from podcast content, creating a mind map structure. This makes it easy for you to organize and expand your knowledge, avoiding a narrow perspective.

Highlights and Keywords

Lastly, Podwise can also extract highlights, key points, keywords, and more from podcast content. It even offers visually appealing image styles, making it convenient for you to share these insights on social networks. Enjoy!

Free Trial

You can experience Podwise at this address: https://podwise.xyz/.

We will continue to enhance the product experience and improve its quality on all fronts. During this journey, we will also delve into and share the best technology stacks for building global SaaS products and some best practices for AI applications. Your support and attention are greatly appreciated. Thank you.